Edwardian Blouse: Magyar / Peasant / Shirt waist / 1912 blouse / titanic blouse / kimono sleeve / batwing blouse

My interpretation of the early 20th century Magyar Blouse (Pages 32 & 33 OR 14 & 15 in PDF)

Taken from: The Internatoinal System of Ladies Garment Cutting. 3rd ED. C. 1912 by J. P. Thornton

See the full book here: https://costumes.org/2020/07/20/the-international-system-of-ladies-garment-cutting-j-p-thornton/

Drafting sewing patterns is easier than you might think – especially if they are loosly fitted!

Here are the original pages from the book:

MeasureBook (cm)Me (loosely corseted – cm)
Back length (back neck to waist)40.535
Bust (half)4350
Waist (half)2837
Hip (half)5152
Neck (half)1717
Length of Sleeve from neck over shoulder (for a 5/8ths sleeve length)5151

My Transcript

Draw right angle from G A D (no measurements yet)
A to B is 5cm
A to C is half Bust plus 3cm (28cm)
B to D is back length (35cm)
D to E, 2.5cm. Draw line B-E
Draw line C-K
A to F is 1/6th Bust (8.4cm). Draw curved line F-B
F to G is 1/6th Bust (8.4cm)
G to H, 2.5cm
F to I, length of sleeve
Square F-I-L
I to L 19cm Draw line L-K
L to M 2.5cm
E to N is half waist plus 2.5cm (21cm)
Draw line K-N
K to P 3cm
O to N 1.5cm

Front (trace double lines)
A to BB 3cm
AA is half neck measure (8.5cm)
CC to C 7cm
Draw line AA-CC-DD
AA to DD is same as B-E
(I skipped the bust dart: draw line DD-O: 1 to 2 is 2.5cm)

Draf Alterations

  • Extend side seam down at waist by 3cm
  • Lower front neckline by about 2.5cm
  • Extend waist down by 7.5cm for blouse
  • For drawing curves, I used Haslam rulers
  • Add button placket to back
  • Bind neckline in self bias binding