My Library of Reference Books

Books I use for sewing and millinery.

  • London Couture 1923 – 1975: British Luxury by Amy de la Haye & Edwina Ehrman
  • Christian Dior by Oriole Cullen & Connie Burks K
  • 20th – Century Fashion in Detail by Claire Wilcox & Valerie D. Mendes
  • How to Read a Dress by Lydia Edwards
  • In Intimate Detail by Cora Harrington
  • Vogue on Elsa Schiaparelli by Judith Watt
  • 100 years of Fashion Illustration by Cally Blackman
  • Madeleine Vionnet by Betty Kirke

Sewing Techniques
  • Couture Sewing Techniques by Claire B. Shaeffer 2011
  • We Sew By Ourselves by I. A. Ter-Hovakimyan 1958 (Russian translation from German)
  • The “Haslam” Practical Guide to Dressmaking & Tailoring by G.A. Haslam & F.A. Haslam 1920s? 7th ed.
  • Waisted Efforts by Doyle Robert 2002
  • Lynn Hillson Practical Home Dress Making Illustrated 1948
  • The Big Book of Needlecraft by Various Authors 1935
  • Gertie’s Ultimate Dress Book by Gertie Hirsch
  • Dress Decoration and Ornament 1925
  • Designing and Planning Clothes 1930
  • Hats on Heads by Mildred Anlezark 1990
  • Fabric Manipulation by Singer Ruth
  • Hats an Anthology by Stephen Jones
  • How to Make and Trim Your Own Hats by Vee Powell 1944
  • The Mode in Hats and Headdress R. Turner Wilcox
  • Making and Arranging Silk Flowers by Anne Hamilton & Kathleen White 1990
  • Silk Flowers by Judith Blacklock 1995
Pattern Cutting & Fitting
  • Dress Fitting by Natalie Bray
  • Dress With Taste by V. Voevodina & R. Dubinina 1961 (Russian)
  • Sew It Yourself by Z. I. Davydova 1957 (Russian)
  • Metric Pattern Cutting by Winifred Aldrich 2018 6th ed.
  • The Cutting Technique by Line Jaque 1977 2nd ed. (Russian translation from French)
  • The Elements of Euclid by Oliver Byrne 1847
  • Pattern Drafting and Grading by Michael Rohr 1961
  • Fundamentals of Pattern making for Women’s Apparel 1 & 2 by Esther Kaplan Pivnick 1955
  • Lingerie Design A Complete Course by Pamela Powell 2016
  • Vintage Lingerie by Jill Salen 2012