Gingerbread House

Butter – 500g
Dark Brown Sugar – 500g
Glucose Syrup (or substitute with a mixture of 60g water + 230g dark malt powder) – 290g
Treacle (or molasses) – 290g
Milk – 110g
Flour – 1400g
Cinnamon – 2tbsp
Ginger – 2tbsp
Allspice – 1tsp

Bake at 160 C Fan for 15 minutes + 5 minutes

Isomalt windows

Water – 130g
Sugar – 225g
Glucose syrup* – 70g
Cream of tartar – 1/8tsp
A few drops of blue colouring. (to combat the yellowing)

Set up all areas of gingerbread house to be windowed. Using foil as the lining gives clearest results. Also can use silicone mat and baking paper.

Put all into saucepan, heat until 150 C. Pour into windows using a teaspoon.

Soak saucepan and other utensils to wash the sugar glass off.

icing for glueing

Egg whites – 4
Glucose Syrup – 2tsp
Icing sugar – 240g
Coco powder – 80g

* substitute glucose syrup for this:

heat 50g sugar + 20g water + 1/8tsp cream of tartar to 115 C to make a syrup.