Light Blue Pillbox


This pillbox hat is a perfect circle using buckram and wire as the base. It is fully lined on the inside, and covered in sky blue brushed cotton, overlaid with white silk organza. Crisp veiling ribbon is used to attach this hat to the head.

Design Inspiration:

Early 1950s pillbox hat, designed to sit on the back of the head, with a flat top and short sides.
I wanted to match the colour of a dress I had to wear to an upcoming wedding, and at the same time I didn’t want to buy any new fabric. So I used some leftover sky blue brushed cotton, overlaid with leftover white silk organza from making flowers.

Further Notes:

Made from a self drawn pattern.
Instead of a perfect circle, a slight oval shape would sit better on the head.
The join on the top of the hat could be covered in another layer of soaked buckram to smooth it out.
The whole hat could be covered in domette to smooth out the buckram surface.

Date of Completion:

6 July 2018