Pork With Figs in a Slow Cooker

Inspired by a Roman recipe by Apicius – Book VII, X “Fresh Ham”.

Substitute the dessert wine with “passum” know as “Raisin wine”. On the hob, boil and reduce 125ml of any wine together with 40g or raisins. Sieve to remove the raisins before using.


Pork (tenderloin, fillet or shoulder) – 550g
Barley – 200g
Dessert wine (or passum/raisin wine) – 100ml
Any dry Wine – 150ml
Figs – 10


In a frying pan brown the pork sprinkled with black pepper.

Put the barley into the bottom of the slow cooker, and pour on the wines.

Position the pork on top the the barley, and place the figs around it.

Cooking time is dependant on weight of pork. It is cooked once the internal temperature is 75 degrees C.