Macarons: filling, flavour and colour notes

All proportions are for 1 egg white, which is 130g of mixture, which makes 15 macarons.


Only add powder or gel flavouring to shells. If you don’t have any, it’s best to keep the shells plain and flavour only your filling. Take away 2tsp of the dry ingredients for every 1/2tsp of powder flavour or colour to be added.

Coco powder – 1tsp
Coffee (finely ground instant) – 1tsp
Matcha (Japanese green tea powder) – 1tsp
Raspberry (freeze-dried powder, sifted) – 1tsp


50g softened butter, whipped until white. Add cream or milk 1/4tsp at a time to achieve a consistency of stiff whipped cream.

Orange blossom -Raspberry (freeze-dried powder, sifted) – 1tsp
Rosewater –

Whipped Cream

Tea – 2 teabags brewed in 20ml of milk. Let cool, squeeze all moisture out of the tea bags, and add into whipped cream to taste. No need to add sugar.
Coffee – 1tbsp liqueur & 1tsp coffee powder.


Weigh equal parts double cream and chocolate. Heat the double cream, then add the chocolate that has been chopped up. It should melt, if it doesn’t it may need some more gentle heating in the microwave. If it splits, try adding room temperature milk or more cream, leave it to cool down and whisk, it may still be saved.

Dark chocolate – 30g
Double cream – 30g