Sea Green Calot Half Hat


This vintage inspired calot half hat has a base of sinamay and wire. It has viscose silk velvet draped over it and is decorated with handmade velvet leaves and mini vintage plastic flowers. It is designed to sit on the top of the head towards the back, in order to show off curls along the hairline, and leave space for a large chignon bun at the bottom back of the head. Crisp veiling ribbon is used to attach this hat to the head.

Design Inspiration:

1950s calot half hats. The mirrored decoration on both corners was quite common on hats with a symmetrical shape of this type.

Further Notes:

Made under the instruction of Judy Bentinck.
Sinamay is not an authentic material used in vintage millinery. Buckram would be more suitable, and would need to be lined.
This shape can be draped with any fabric, but if using velvet it is best to use one with more silk content for a softer drape.

Date of Completion:

21 December 2018