Borodinsky Russian Rye Bread


Malt – 30g
Coriander – 2tsp
Water (hot at 95 degrees C) – 300ml
Rye Flour – 90g

Mix together the malt and coriander. Pour in a small bit of the hot water to dissolve the malt. Once well mixed, add most but not all of the rye flour and then the remaining water. Once slightly cooler add in the remaining rye flour.
Wrap in clingfilm/foil and keep in warm spot overnight (for at least 6 hours).

Starter Dough

Yeast – 8g
Water (tepid)- 35g
Rye Flour – 240g
Brew(from the step above) – all

Mix all together and prove this for 5 hours.

Finishing Dough

Water – 75g
Salt – 5g
Sugar – 30g
Treacle – 20g
Rye Flour – 75g
White Bread Flour – 75g

Dissolve the salt, sugar and treacle in the water, then mix in the rye and bread flours. Mix this finishing dough with the previous dough mix and prove for 1 hour.

Then put into a baking tin and sprinkle top with whole coriander seeds. Prove in the tin for another 1 hour.

Bake in a preheated oven at the following temperatures:

230 C Fan for 5 mins
220 C Fan for 10 mins
180 C Fan for 45mins